About Kellski Creative

Kellski Creative is a passionate graphic designer who is on a mission to create good looking graphics that can represent you or your business over different forms of media.

We are based in Tauranga and work with a wider team that are experts in representing their specific industries in the Tauranga region.

Technology makes us very accessible so if you live outside of Tauranga - the next best thing is virtual coffee, a video chat is more than welcomed as long as we can talk about how we can help you become good looking across all media.

We have a more masculine graphic style using bold, bright, contrasting, simplistic design. It can be described as grungy, tough, quirky and fun.

The industries that suit our style of graphic design are targeted towards the active, outdoor, sporty, industrial, lifestyle, entertainment and trade areas.

You can also see our design process below, visually designed into an infographic. It shows the design process we usually follow but is an example of how the design process can be graphically communicated instead of just reading text. Appealing, understandable, not so boring and yes - good looking.

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