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Hi, you’ve found yourself at Kellski Creative. We are a Graphic Design studio that is striving to make print media and digital media a good looking place.

You could say that we like being able to visually communicate an "idea" through the use of graphics, images and text. We do this by making the "idea" appealing, understandable, not so boring and as just mentioned good looking.

We specialise in branding, logo development and creating supporting graphic elements for your brand or as an addition to your brand. Supporting graphic elements include icon design and info graphics that can be created in a style that suits your business.

You will also see a good deal of digital illustration appear throughout our work. This type of illustration is created in specific programs and is scalable, meaning it won’t become pixelated or blurry the bigger the graphic gets.

Graphic design covers an array of skills and elements that can be applied to a large range of media and platforms. Digital media includes things like websites, social media (most things found online) and of course traditional print media like brochures and stationery. We can work and apply graphic design to as many of these platforms as required, there may even be something you hadn’t thought of.

What we really love to do at Kellski Creative is go for coffee. If you have questions about graphic design lets sit down with a good brew and brainstorm
some ideas.


Branding for a business or company is extremely important whether your an existing business or starting a business - a "brand" represents everything your business stands for. It’s not just how you look, it’s the feeling customers experience and how you express your business values. It's the WHOLE experience and from a graphic design point of view a "brand" is about a unique name and consistent image and theme that represents a product or service visually.

Could we help you with your brand image? Would our niche and style be suited to your brand values?

Logo Development

A logo is often the first representation people see of your business and first impressions matter. A logo is part of your brand and needs to be used consistently so you can get a strong brand presence. A logo can be many things - a symbol, a word mark (just words as a logo) a monogram or a combination of these things. Having a strong logo that represents your business can be the best thing to invest in if your budget doesn't allow for a complete branding process.

Do you need a simple logo to represent you? What is the first impression of your current logo?

Icon Design

Icon design can be thought of as accompanying graphic elements. Icons can enhance the look of many things from websites through to brochures and additional brand elements for your business. This type of graphic design is mainly using simple graphics that can represent a particular idea or field of interest in your business. Icons create interest and a welcome break from looking at continual text.

Do you think people are getting lost trying to read lots of your text? Could some simple icons freshen up your look and not make the text so boring?


An infographic can be thought of as visually representing information and data through a chart, diagram and illustration. Usually in a clear and understandable graphic that can be understood quickly and can be interpreted at almost a glance.

Do you have lots of information and data? Is it important that people read this information? Have you thought about displaying this information graphically to make the information easy to interpret and digest?


Illustration is a specialised branch of graphic design. Illustrations come in many forms and produced many different ways on many different varieties of media. The way we illustrate always ends up being digitised on the computer using industry specific software. Whether we start out using pencil on paper or just go straight to the computer, an illustration shouldn’t be time sensitive, a lot of hours of love go into producing this type of artwork.

Are you organising an event and need a stand out graphic to represent the event? Do you have an advertising campaign needing good looking graphics?

Graphic Design

As mentioned above there are a lot of aspects to graphic design. Different media, different processes, different platforms, different styles etc but graphic design is all about visual communication and we don’t mind what it is applied to because we just want to make you look good on every platform.

Two of the main categories that graphic design can be applied to are digital media and print media.


You can say that print media is a more traditional platform that graphic design can be applied to. More of a tactile form, things that you touch like business cards, brochures and magazines. You could say this is more of a physical type of media that graphic design can be applied to.


We class this as anything online. Websites, e book (electronic book, generally read online), social media templates etc. This media is generally viewed on something with a screen including hand held devices and is very environmentally friendly.

The niche of design skills that we specialise in can be applied to both print and digital media. There are no boundaries especially where your brand is concerned. The key with your brand is to be consistent and represented on all levels of media the same way so that you are instantly recognisable.

Is there something that you need designed that you hadn’t thought of? Are you looking to expand or create something for a new media platform?

Website Design

Website design these days is important especially when you need to get noticed and stand out from your competitors.

Getting a website graphically designed is one way to stand out. In the current environment where you can download a theme (and look like everyone else's) we can be more specific to your brand and build a website that is specialised to your needs. This could include hero brand images, icon design and much more to enhance your site.

Lucky our wider web team are absolute legends and use the concrete5 CMS system where you are in control of changing, editing and updating all your content. We can take care of your hosting, domain registrations and if you have something weird and wonderful then perhaps we can write some software for you that makes things easier online.

Digital Marketing

Driving sales and increasing revenue via your website is super duper important. You need to get the right attention and a digital strategy that makes you rise above your competition.

We have an amazing wider team that specialise in this area. SEO - Search Engine Optimisation and Google Ads form part of these strategies.

Also having some creative wordsmiths/copywriters will sure help you nail those website rankings. So consider all of the above and get our experts to dazzle you with clicks to your website.

Surprise me

Graphic design can be quite a vast industry. The widespread platforms and skills graphic design can touch is huge. The crossovers into other industries, the self expression and the creative and inventive ways we can voice our style  and techniques is limitless.

Thats why we have this "SURPRISE ME" section, it can be a pick n mix of graphic design. You know the ones that don't quite fit in but are awesome because they stand out from the crowd for being unique. 

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