Logo Design and Development

We LOVE creating logos, the idea to create a clever and simple logo design that has to capture someones interest in a few seconds is a challenge we love to take on.

A logo can take many forms - do you know there are several types of logos that can be designed and composed? This means that you need to have the right type of constructed logo to fit your ethos and to attract the right type of client/customer - but the overall idea and purpose of a logo can be explained like this...

A logo can be thought of as a graphic/symbol that identifies your business. It can be made up of text, symbols or combinations of both. A logo can often be considered as a glimpse of how a business or company is represented in a symbol, using text and it’s colours.

As said above logo design can take many forms - here are some types of logos and an explanation of what their function is:

Monogram Logo
This type of logo combines 2 or more letters in some way to form a graphic. The initials of the business name can create a monogram which can be used in place of the whole business name. This is a great option if your logo will be used to fit concise areas such as images for social media profiles.

Wordmark Logo
A Wordmark logo or logotype (aka text only logos) are logos that use text only. They don't use a symbol or pictorial graphic as the text is the actual graphic. The option of a wordmark logo is a great way to get your business name out there and recognised particularly if the name is shorter. Using a wordmark logo ensures that your actual business name is showcased everywhere.

Mascot Logo
Mascot logos are a great way to make your business memorable and recognisable. A mascot logo takes form as a character, usually of a person, animal or object and can act like an ambassador to your brand. It is a way to humanise and create more of a relatable brand by the connections and emotions the mascot carries. This is why a mascot logo can be a standout and notable way to capture attention.

Combination Logo
Combination logos are made up of a wordmark and a pictorial graphic/symbol that combine together into one logo. The pictorial graphic can be a monogram, mascot or any other graphic element. Combination logos are flexible so that the brand name or the pictorial graphic can be used separately while maintaining a connection with each other.

These logo explanations are just a few of many types of logo design, it is crucial to understand and make sure that the right logo design is used for your business to capture your ideal customer and be memorable in a moment. This is why you need to talk to the logo design gurus at Kellski Creative, we can meet in person or over a video chat and take you through the steps needed for your logo design adventure.

See our packages below, select which one suits and get ready to go on an adventure.


You have the name, the sketches, the colours sorted – you just need the logo digitized and put into a format so you can use straight away.

  • 2x logo options to choose from.
    (1 revision on chosen Design)
  • Files supplied in the following formats - Jpg, Png, Ai (CMYK & RGB)

You may have some basic ideas incl name, colours and symbols to be included in the design etc. This could also be a logo refresh.

  • Logo Discovery Session.
  • 2x logo options to choose from. (up to 2 revisions on chosen design)
  • Logo options presented on light background, dark background and one colour, which will provide you logo options to cover all your media platforms.
  • Files supplied in the following formats - Jpg, Png, Ai (CMYK & RGB)

A logo needs to be designed to appeal to your target Audience, here at Kellski Creative we Unleash the adventure into your new Logo ensuring it will appeal to your target customers.

If you have been trying to do this on your own and just getting nowhere – we take care of everything and guide you along the process of creating an amazing Design to help attract your desired audience. 

  • In-depth Logo Discovery Session including the use of different colour scheme, symbols and fonts etc. 
  • 3x logo options to choose from + logo graphic which can be used as a favicon and for social media . (up to 2 revisions on chosen design)
  • Logo options presented on light background, dark background and one colour – you will then have logo options to cover all your media platforms.
  • Basic logo style guide with fonts and colours supplied
  • Files Supplied in the following formats - Jpg, Png, Ai, Eps, Pdf (CMYK & RGB)

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